About Mario

Mario Boon

A giant amongst comic book authors.

Mario Boon is professionally working over 30 years in the comic industry. In this period he created more than twenty albums (and counting!) from text to the original illustrations. Beginning his marvelous career, with short stories and working for belgian papers, he set aside another dream. At sixteen he realized the difficulty of becoming the next international basketball-superstar being not tall enough. So he became a giant amongst comic book authors. 

After graduating successfully at Sint-Lucas (Ghent Belgium) being educated by Ferry, Gerda Dendooven and Ever Meulen, he began a career as a freelance illustrator for comicbooks, picturebooks and schoolbooks. After having worked in advertising and two years for Studio 100, he became a full-time and independant Illustrator. The comic "Dirk, het leven is een strijd waard" he made with dr. Luc Colemont -for advertising the self-test for colon cancer- sold worldwide over 100.000 copies and was translated in 12 languages from dutch to arabic.

His style is influenced by various artists like Dave McKean, Mathieu Rèynes and Naoki Urusawa to name a few.  

For the past seven years Mario teaches a course on how to be a comicbook author at SyntraWest, Bruges Belgium.