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I am a comicbook and picturebook artist, writer and art director from Belgium. Over the last 20 years my art has been published by Ballon Media, Saga Uitgaven, Standaard Uitgeverij, Image Comics, Van In, Plantyn, Malmberg, De Eenhoorn, ZNU, Pulpdeluxe.be … and others in over a dozen countries and languages . My work is truly all ages: for toddlers to adults. Sometimes cute, sometimes very sexy but always just how you want it! 

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Do. The. Test. 

                                      Stop colon cancer !

Dr. Luc Colemont and his action awareness group www.stopdarmkanker.be approached me te draw this graphic novel to spread awareness to the general public to do the self test to detect colon cancer as early as possible.

The comic book has been published in 6 languages already with more to follow in 2020.

Do that test! It literally can save your life.


A post-apocaplytic comic book that hits too close to home and time. 

The flemish cult comic series!

September 11, 2019. A Russian sect plots a worldwide nuclear terror attack in order to decimate the world's population to a bare minimum which in turn will transform mankind into a superrace of mutants. A small group of friends and their family flees their home and find a new world far away from this madness.

Februari 22, 2020. The Doomsday sect has fulfilled its mad threat. The successful attacks on nuclear power plants around the world has started a deadly spiral of chaos and destruction. Desperately our group of friends are trying to flee the African continent before they too will be engulfed by the nuclear winter.

Year 0 of the new world order. The entire world is subjugated. Only Australia has so far been spared from the radioactive apocalypse and mounts a desperate counterattack. All the while our friends are stuck in the middle there. Can they escape this last stop towards their final Alaskan destiny?

Onze Oorlog is based on a true story about Piet Swijsen en Karel Verstoffelt in World War 2 in Breendonk, Belgium. It is about boxing sports and what happend during and after the SS-rade of Sint-Truiden op 25 mei 1943.

SUNNY SIDE UP! The sun, a dangerous friend
SUNNY SIDE UP! The sun, a dangerous friend

Jackie loves the sun. It is her big friend! As soon as she can she takes up as much sun as she can.  As an 18 year old woman she followed the sun to Saint-Tropez-but she never arrived because of meeting Sunny.
A gripping story about skincancer.

Pinup art

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